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YONGTAI: Top 100 in Yongkang Manufacturing Excellence

YONGTAI, a leading force in scooter production, continues to soar to new heights. In 2022, the company achieved a significant milestone by completing a comprehensive upgrade in automation and intelligence. This endeavor not only positioned YONGTAI at the forefront of technological innovation but also earned the prestigious Zhejiang “Pin” Brand certification. Further solidifying its status as an industry powerhouse, YONGTAI proudly received the esteemed recognition of being among the Top 100 in Yongkang Manufacturing Excellenc.

YONGTAI’s commitment to product excellence is underscored by the prestigious Zhejiang “Pin” Brand certification. This recognition serves as a testament to the superior quality and craftsmanship embedded in YONGTAI’s scooters. The “Pin” Brand certification not only elevates the brand’s credibility but also instills confidence in customers, reinforcing YONGTAI’s position as a trusted name in the scooter industry.

As YONGTAI basks in the glow of these recent achievements, the company remains forward-focused. The commitment to technological innovation, product quality, and local economic development is an integral part of YONGTAI’s vision for the future. Customers can anticipate continued excellence as YONGTAI strives to redefine the standards of scooter manufacturing.

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