How to choose vitality board?

Time:2017-12-11 12:00:00

Vibrant board, also known as second-tier skateboard, snake board, dragon board and so on. There are many types of dragon, bat, rocket board and so on. In the past two years, energetic boards have flourished among children, but how do parents choose to buy them? The selection of vitality board mainly from the child what kind of vitality board and the quality of the vitality board both to see how to choose the vitality board (mainly dragon plate, bats, rocket board the three most common two skateboards).

● Dragon plate: the first two skateboards.

● Butterfly plate: two skateboarding, play and dragon plate is the same, the difference is that the middle of the torsion bar is made of high elastic energy tendon materials, can be twisted up and down around. Wiggle the larger range and angle, so the most suitable fitness to lose weight.

● Dragon plate: two skateboarding, play and function and swim the same dragon, but the different panels, because of its shape resembles a brontosaurus, so called the Dragon Plate.

● bat board: two skateboarding, play and function and dragon, the material is better and more refined. The panel is as cool as Batman, so called bat bat.

● Dragon Plate: Four-wheel active plate, play and dragon plate, as many as two rounds, easier to learn.

● Kirin board: four-wheel dynamic board, the front can be tied rope, suitable for children.

● Ssangyong Plate: Four-wheel split skateboard, one foot on one, faster (compared to roller skating), 360-degree circular motion in situ, so the flexibility is better.

● Drift board: four-wheel split skateboard, and the same as the double dragon, one foot on one. It's the strongest and harder of all boards. Material of aluminum alloy structure, high strength PU wheel. Its material determines its life, its design determines that it can do a lot of tricks, and forward fast, much faster than the average vitality board, in addition to as a sports equipment, or even as a means of transport.

Vibrant board features

1, there is the freedom of surfing pleasure, as if Yufeng line, as if to take a dragon soaring;

2, by body twist and forward, do not need to use foot sliding, can do all kinds of fancy change action;

3, with twisting movement, can achieve significant weight-loss effect, more than hula hoop;

4, arbitrary direction forward, the turning radius can be less than 50 cm, best at turning;

5, the venue size is not limited, even within a meter in diameter can be done in situ rotation;

6, speed is easy to grasp, to be about to slow you to control. Gone wind, move like shadow;

7, from the functional point of view, the type has a good fashion;

8, from stepping on the skateboard, then no need to resort to the force of the foot and ground to achieve the purpose of skateboarding, just use the body and foot activities glide;

9, from the perspective of gender, as a male player, it is undoubtedly a more interesting skateboard, but for the female players, not only ended the history of skateboarding and missed the girl, but more importantly, it can for the fitness And beauty body play a role that can not be ignored;

10, from the venue requirements, such skateboards more popular.