Vigor start-up skills

Time:2017-12-11 12:00:00

1. Two-legged start method: first lean against the ground, and then use both feet treading board board. Let the body tilt to the tail. Then move the body to make the vitality board erected, that is parallel to the surface and the ground. Wait for the active plate to stand up and then slide.

2. The general start-up method: first a pedal on the head of the appropriate position, so that the board surface parallel with the ground, then the body's focus on the left foot slightly bent, the other pedal to promote vitality Board, and then right foot on the board tail. Stretch your hands to keep your body balanced and lower your body center of gravity.

3. Rotary start-up method: first foot on the edge of the board trailing edge, so that the head up from the board. Then left foot pedal to the head, you can slide. After both feet embark on the vitality board, swing the body so that the vitality board moves slowly.

4. Trotting start method: first placed in front of the board of vigor, from the rear of the board start trotting forward. Take off at a distance of one to two meters from the end of the board. Feet must fall on both the head and tail of the active plate at the same time, and the center of gravity of the body falls on the center of the active plate to maintain balance