Scooter sports, see wanted to play sports

Time:2017-12-11 12:00:00

Someone describes the sport in such a way that it's not a special instrument, it's not expensive, it does not require petrol, it does not need a parking lot, and you can even make it yourself. But it's speedy, gliding without snow, gliding without wings, and its use relies on your skill and imagination. Skateboarding, its wheels Chi Chi on the ground! Meet the pleasure of your pursuit of speed!

Everyone may know a scooter, but do you know the joy that he brings to people, and perhaps the beauty of a scooter is that.

Scooters popular in Southeast Asia, stemming from its easy to learn, as long as one minute you can learn, ten minutes to make some tricks. Therefore, the heat wave of scooters gradually landed in the domestic market. "Scooter" is very light, the weight is generally below 3kg, storage is folded, with 30 seconds to expand or fold up.

Scooters due to moderate speed, easy to learn and easy to operate, a brake device (stepping on the rear wheel brake), if only regular travel, ordinary entertainment, under normal circumstances is not easy to fall. So it is suitable for a variety of ages, especially in young people is even more put it down, to have a proud. Scooter is developing good balance system for young people is a good exercise effect.

Origin of Scooters: Origin of Scooters In 1993, a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka settled the traffic problems by placing two scooter wheels on an aluminum sheet and then adding a scalable metal armrest to the scooter . After several months of improvement, he took him to the train station daily to work. At the beginning of his work in scooters, he was despised by all people, including passersby and colleagues. But it was not long before an investor came in and he saw the hand-held scooter as a great market opportunity. He is willing to invest in the production of this "great invention." So, a few years ago, scooters swept Europe and the United States, five years later, came to China again.